Large Format Posters

Large Format Posters

12 PT C2S Posters or Photo Paper Gloss | Full Color | 12″x 12″ up to 59″x 120″
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  • Available on 12 PT C2S Posters or Photo Paper Gloss
  • Sizes from 12″x 12″ up to 59″x 120″
  • Full Color
  • Delivered by UPS Ground​​

Get your message out with our high quality Large Posters! Miami Printing and Web Designs custom posters are printed on either photo quality, glossy paper stock or a 12 Point C2S. 8mil Photo Gloss is a Pigment / Dye / QuickDry – Photo Quality Glossy material that’s slightly delicate. Keep in mind the material of the Custom Posters is not scuff resistant or waterproof.

12 point C2S Blockout Posters are thicker and more durable, with a semi-gloss surface and block out center layer for 100% opacity. If you’re looking to print large scale photos for Conferences, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Events, Contests or the like, our Custom Large Posters are the ideal product for you.